Industrial Capacities

Factory Durham, NC USA


Static and agitated extraction

•A variety of sizes and types of reactors and vessels

•Extraction at ambient and high temperatures

•Use of high pressure

•Diverse solvent range


•Traditional stills as well as high performance, proprietary units

•Distillation at low temperature and/or high vacuum to avoid product degradation

    Drying and roasting

•Ability to gently dry a wide range of powders to very low moisture

•Ability to roast raw materials and finished goods

•Special excipient-free drying process which produces a powder, like spray-drying, but without the use of dextrose or other carriers

    Dry and Wet Blending

•Dry blending and packaging into small bags or large supersacks

•Wet blending and packing into nearly any size package, including tank trucks


•Coarse and fine grinding for raw materials and finished goods

    Pilot plant

•Ability to run small batches in truly scalable units


We love challenges: give us a product and we can extract it!

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